Spanish Courses in Chile by TANDEM Santiago

Spanish courses in Chile

TANDEM Santiago is one of the best Spanish school in Chile which offers best Spanish courses to the students. This language school was found in 1992 and became a member of TANDEM International. TANDEM International is a network of quality schools present in Chile. Previously, TANDEM Santiago was named as Escuela de idiomas Violeta Parra. In 1996, it had adapted the name TANDEM Santiago. This school offers best Spanish language courses with complete home stay accommodation with a friendly atmosphere.

Spanish Courses offered by TANDEM Santiago:

Spanish courses in Chile

TANDEM Santiago offers best Spanish courses in Chile. It offers normally four types of Spanish courses.

  • Group Course
  • Private Tuition or one on one
  • Semi-individual Tuition or two on one
  • Special Modules

Let’s have a brief description below.

Group Course:grupo_sala9

TANDEM Santiago offers best group courses in Chile. Spanish group classes in this school starts every Monday in the whole year. In each group, minimum student capacity is 2 and maximum is 8. You might find smaller group classes in high session months like January-February and July-August. During this time, if in every level only 1 student is there, then they reduce the daily lessons. The intensive program is reduced from 4 to 2, superintensive program from 6 to 3 and crash course from 7 to 4 lessons. Each lesson is of 45 minutes.

The minimum duration of this group courses in two weeks. For intensive Spanish courses, the duration is two weeks. It includes 4 lessons per day. For superintensive Spanish courses, the duration is one week with 6 lessons per day and for Spanish crash courses, the duration is one week with 7 lessons per day.

Private Tuition:

TANDEM Santiago also offers private tuition for better improvement of Spanish language education. Two types of private tuition are being conducted by TANDEM Santiago. One is one-on-one and the other one is two-on-one. In one-on-one Spanish classes, students fix the tuition starting date as well as the duration of the class and number of lessons which are going to be taught per day. Student can also select the weekdays in which he/she wants to have his/her Spanish class. Normal timing of this private tuition is mostly in the afternoon from 2:30 pm onwards.

Semi-individual Tuition:

Spanish courses in Chile

Two-on-one private tuition is also known as extensive or intensive tuition. These types of tuition can be taken either is Santiago or Valparaiso. But there is one condition. You must have a study partner for the same level and same period. That’s why it is also Semi-individual course. According to the condition, the second student pays only half of the current private tuition fees.

Special Modules:

Special Module Courses

TANDEM Santiago offers some Spanish special courses with different modules. These modules are designed for private tuition, but can be taken to an intensive group course. Each and every module has a minimum duration of 10 classes per week. Here is the list of complete special module which is being offered in TANDEM Santiago.

  1. Commercial Spanish:

This is a module of two classes per day and must be covered in 1 to 4 weeks. The module contents are:

1. The Company
2. Human Resources
3. Marketing Import-Export
4. The Bank
5. Stock Exchange
6. Taxes
7. Publicity
8. Negitiation

2. Spanish for Lawyers:

This module must be covered in 1 to 4 weeks having two classes per day. The content consists of

  1. Justice
    2. Constitution
    3. Juridical System
    4. Process Law, Penal Law
    5. Civil and Commercial Law
    6. International and Ambiental Law
3. Medical Spanish:

This private classes module is also to be completed in one to four weeks, and having two classes per day. This module has the following contents.

  1. The Health
    2. Infection
    3. Health Institutions
    4. The Hospital
    5. Internal Medicine
    6. Surgery
    7. Traumatology
    8. Gerontology
    9. First Aid
4. Spanish and Wine:

Spanish and Wine is the additional module in Spanish special module courses. This module consists of 4 classes which is been taught by TANDEM Santiago’s Sommelier Juan Pablo Zamora M.. This module includes the wine testing course which is also known as “cata”. The basic objective of this module is to provide the complete overview of Chilean Enology. Through this course, students will able to choose the perfect wine in the best occasion.

Apart from offering best Spanish courses in Chile, TANDEM Santiago also offers some additional modules like Spanish and Ski programme and complete preparation classes for DELE Examination.

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