Spanish Courses in Escuela Bellavista Chile

Spanish courses in Chile

Escuela Bellavista offers best Spanish courses in Chile to increase the fondness of Spanish language. This Spanish school offers best Spanish courses along with housing and adventure options. So get ready for an awesome trip with Escuela Bellavista. Here are some best Spanish courses details offered by Escuela Bellavista Chile. Please have a look.

Group Spanish courses in Chile :

Escuela Bellavista Chile offers best Group courses in Chile. During these courses, school provides the good general knowledge of Spanish language to the students. This activity is last for minimum one week. These special group courses are designed for those students who want to lean Spanish effectively and quickly. They also provides the nature of Chilean culture during the program.

Escuele Bellavista

Escuela Bellavista offers intensive courses which consists of 20 lessons. These lessons consists of Spanish grammar and structure of language. It also focuses on listening and public speaking courses. In each group, up to 7 students are allowed. Each lesson is of 45 minutes. These courses start from every Monday. Extracurricular activities includes city tours, movies, different types of communicative exercises, etc.

Bellavista Chile

The time table for these intensive courses is

Spanish classes : 10:00 to 11:30 and 12:00 to 13:30
Coffee break : 11:30 to 12:00
Extracurricular activities : 14:45 to 16:45

This school also offers Super Intensive courses which is included in group courses.  These super intensive courses are one of the best Spanish courses in Chile, which combine around 20 group lessons and 10 one to one private lessons per week. This course specially designed for those students, who want to maximize their learning in classroom. They get regular guidance from their teachers and mentors.

Complete price structure for Group courses in Escuela Bellavista Chile is shown in the table.

Intensive Course 1 20 $ 200
Intensive Course 2 40 $ 360
Intensive Course 3 60 $ 540
Intensive Course 4 80 $ 640
Additional Week 1 20 $ 150
Super Intensive Course 1 30 $ 310

Individual Spanish Courses in Chile :

This school also offers best individual Spanish courses in Chile. These courses are specially designed to teach Spanish language to students with proper individual attention. If you won’t attend your class, then you can cancel your class with free of charges and with the anticipation of 6 hours. Complete individual courses with price structure is mentioned in the table below.

One-to-One 1 to 4 Weeks 2 1 2 lessons per day 90 Minutes 45 Minutes $ 22
One-to-One 1 to 4 Weeks 10 5 2 lessons per day 90 Minutes 45 Minutes $ 200
One-to-One 2 to 6 Weeks 20 10 2 lessons per day 90 Minutes 45 Minutes $ 340
One-to-One 2 to 6 Weeks 30 15 2 lessons per day 90 Minutes 45 Minutes $ 510
One-to-One 2 to 6 Weeks 40 20 2 lessons per day 90 Minutes 45 Minutes $ 660
Spanish at Office 2 to 6 Weeks 20 10 2 lessons per day 90 Minutes 45 Minutes $ 440

Apart from these courses, Escuela Bellavista Chile also offers different exam preparation courses like DELE. These courses are designed gear students with the required language skills, methods and techniques to achieve the exam.

Want to know more about Spanish courses in Chile? Want to know about Escuela Bellavista Chile? Visit here to get complete information and stay tuned with us for more information.

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