Spanish Courses in Language Pucon

Spanish courses in Language Pucon

Language Pucon is one of the best Spanish school in Chile. It offers best Spanish courses in Chile to improve the fondness and popularity of Spanish language among students and foreigners. Language Pucon is the active member of ACHELE (Asociacion Chilena de Escuelas de Espanol) which offers best Spanish schools in Chile and guarantees best quality Spanish education among learners. This school offers different types of Spanish courses with different facility. Please go through this blog to get complete information.

Why Take Your Spanish Courses in Chile?

Chile is probably the best suited country in South America to learn Spanish. It is located 3500 kilometers and 2200 miles from the desert which is situated in the North to antarctic ice fields in South. In this place, you are always near to Pacific ocean in the West. Apart from these natural beauties, Chile is the most developed and safest South American country. The helpful people in Chile will definitely help you in learning Spanish language even if you are the beginner.

Why Choose Language Pucon for Spanish Courses?

Spanish courses in Chile

As we all know, Language Pucon is one of the best Spanish school in Chile. It offers best Spanish courses. It is the center of all kind of outdoor experiences in South Chile. You are one hour walking distance to virgin forest of National Park of Huerquehue from Pucon. You can get Villarrica volcano near this institute. From Language Pucon, a small 5 minutes walk will take you to the beautiful black breaches of Villarrica Lake. The bottom line is you will get all sorts of experience of natural beauty surrounded this school. We can say, learn Spanish in Chile with the nature surrounding is the perfect combination.

Spanish Courses in Language Pucon

In Language Pucon, you will get highly motivated and friendly teachers who will help you and welcome you as a friend in your first class. They will also help you in converting your Spanish study into an intercultural experience. You will get a day off and you can choose your class timings as per your convenient. You will definitely get a chance to explore the sites during your Spanish education.

This school offers Spanish courses in three categories.

  • Private Classes or One to One
  • One on Two classes for couples
  • Group Courses

No registration fees would be take from your for all type of Spanish courses. You will get all materials from school. Each lesson is of 60 minutes and classes will be only on Sundays.

One to One or One to two classes are the most favorite choices among students, because, they will get perfect attention of teachers towards their studies. Weekly 6 days classes happen in this school including 1 day off of your choice. In these type of classes, 3 levels of intensity are added. One is Crash Course, one is Intensive Course and the other one is Standard Course.

In case of Group courses, the time span is 2 weeks, from Monday to Friday ( 5 days ) at 2:00 pm. Ā These group courses are designed to allow for intercommunication on everyday situations. This school will teach 3 hours per day. You can get the study materials from college for self study and homework.

Apart from these Spanish courses, Language Pucon also offers different traveling programs, such as tours, to develop the social life experience among students. This activity will definitely help them to grow their social responsibilities and able to learn how to use their education in society development.

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