Spanish immersion programs Chile

Spanish immersion programs Chile

Before getting into Spanish immersion programs, we have to know what is an immersion program? What is this all about? Is it helpful or not? Let’s find out.

Immersion program is also known as the language immersion, which means it is a method of teaching a second language. The second language is chosen by the learner. In this method,  usually a learner leans normal subjects like math, science, and other subjects. The main mission of this method is to teach them about bilingualism. They used to learn the second language proficiency along with their first language. This immersion program had been introduced in United States in 1971 to grow the fondness of foreign language in all countries along with their native language.

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Spanish schools in Chile

Spanish schools in Chile

Spanish is one of the most spoken language in the world. It has been termed as the basic Foreign language in all countries. Learning Spanish is quite easy and interesting. This language contains excitement, romance, passion in it. Spanish is the official language of several countries of South America. The Association of Chilean Language Schools Teaching Spanish, ASOCIACION CHILENA DE ESCUELAS DE ESPAÑOL (ACHELE), has an intention to grow and build the Spanish literature in Chile. It has joined the forces of best schools in Chile to regulate and achieve its goal.

Chile is an ideal place to learn Spanish. You can get so many sources to learn Spanish from best schools in Chile. The Spanish schools are certified from ACHELE, provide the best Spanish education to the local as well as foreign students who want to study abroad.

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